2023 Call for Session Proposals

The 2023 Call for Session Proposals has officially come to a close.

Thank you to all proposal organizers for taking the time to engage in our Call for Session Proposals (CFSP) process. We know how severe capacity constraints have been, particularly in recent months, and we sincerely appreciate your efforts in helping us shape a dynamic program for CAF 2023.

With over 100 proposals submitted, we have our work cut out for us!

We will be working with our Advisory Committee to review and select proposals based on the goals and priorities outlined in the CFSP Guidelines. Our goal is to announce selected sessions for the CAF 2023 program by April 14th. Please note that some proposals may be combined into a single session, selected if certain modifications are made, waitlisted, or invited to be featured as a different type of forum activity (e.g., keynote, workshop, poster, tools salon, etc.). Session organizers of selected proposals will be required to submit final session details and confirm final speakers by May 12th.

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