Equity & Tribal Listening Session

Monday, December 18th | 2:00 – 4:00 PM

The Local Government Commission in partnership with the State of California invite you to participate in a listening session to advise on key opportunities to integrate equity and tribal considerations into the 3rd California Adaptation Forum. The Forum is designed to gather a multidisciplinary audience of leaders, practitioners, and stakeholders to foster knowledge exchange, innovation, and mutual support to create resilient communities throughout the state. We recognize that local, regional, and state adaptation strategies can only be successful if they safeguard all people of California from the growing impacts of climate change, and that equity, social justice, and tribal considerations must be included to achieve this goal.

We are conducting this listening session before other program planning activities begin to ensure your input at an early stage informs the overall forum planning process. We will be using this input as a starting place for more in-depth planning work to be conducted by an Equity and Tribal Advisory Committee to build the most inclusive and representative event we can.

Due to a large number of expected participants, this listening session will be conducted via an online webinar platform. Opportunities to raise questions and provide input will be facilitated by LGC staff to allow as many individuals to contribute as possible. We plan to fully utilize the tools built into the webinar platform to create an interactive experience for participants, which includes features for Q&A, polling, and hand-raising. As a convening such as this over an electronic platform provides limited verbal comment capacity, we will also be accepting written comments via email from those who are not able to attend the session, as well as to offer opportunities for participants to share additional comments before or after.

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