Forum Resources [2018]

Kickoff Workshops

Tribal Community Resilience– How Traditional Knowledge and Resilience Go Together

Addressing Urban Heat: A Workshop for Practitioners

Sea-Level Rise Adaptation: Understanding the Science, Regulatory Frameworks and Resources

Equity Considerations for Water & Land Use Integration

Session Block A: Context Setting & Emerging Trends

Partnerships to Build Resilience along California’s Coast and Ocean

What about the People? Stories and Resources for Social Resilience

Driving Adaptation Action Using Regional Science and Expertise

Bridging the Boundaries of Water Management Adaptation

Infrastructure, Climate, and Equity: Challenges and Opportunities for Resilience

Integrated Solutions for the Built Environment

California’s Natural and Working Lands: Strategies for Collaboration and Opportunity

Session Block B: Model Projects & Approaches

Creating Coalitions and Accelerating Adaptation through Regional Collaboration

Frontline Communities Under Fire: Lessons from the Thomas Wildfire

Restorative Climate Resilience: How to Communicate with Communities

(Re)building Wildfire Resilient Communities

Natural Infrastructure and the Climate Resilience of the State’s Water System

Adaptative Regional Transportation Solutions from the Coast to the Valley

Building Agricultural Resilience in the San Joaquin Valley

Session Block C: Model Projects & Approaches

How Focusing on Health Can Expand Collaborations and Enhance Resilience

Buildings Are for People: Engaging Low-Income Multifamily Building Occupants

Heat Resilient Transit and Cool Streets

Creating Equitable Outcomes: Lessons from the Residential Building Sector

Space for the Sea: Overcoming Barriers So We Can Move Back

Sea Level Rise Adaptation for the Flyway Highway and Other Coastal Roads

Adaptation Where Natural Systems and the Built Environment Intersect

Water, Fire, Carbon, Habitat: Innovative Partnerships for Resilient Forested Watersheds

Session Block D: Funding, Financing, and Tools

Partnerships to Advance Equitable Housing Opportunities for All Californians

Digital and Visual Tools to Enhance Community Engagement

Tools for Psychosocial Climatic Threats

Building a Case for Ecosystem Services in Climate Adaptation

Who pays? The Implications of Liability, Insurance, and Credit Ratings on Adaptation Finance

Presentation Deck

Financing Climate-Safe, Resilient Infrastructure for All

Financing for Resilient and Equitable Communities

Financing Natural Infrastructure on California’s Coast

Session Block E: Towards Implementation

From Idea to Action: Mobilizing Climate Adaptation Implementation through Partnerships

Walking the Walk: Implementing Adaptation and Resilience Equity Strategies

Coding for Climate: Strategies for Developing Climate-Adaptive Ordinances

Build for the Future: Implementing Infrastructure that Serves People and Nature

Beyond Ecology: Traditional Knowledge for Holistic Adaptation