Art@CAF [2018]

Art of Change

Art, in its varied forms, can shape our perceptions of the world and plays a pivotal role in supporting societal change. The Climate Science Alliance, in partnership with the Center for Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, aims to bridge the gap between scientists and the community through art and innovative media. We see arts and media as a valuable tool for communicating science to diverse audiences by cutting across cultures, ages, education levels, and socioeconomic status. As the risks and impacts of our changing climate unfold, it is now more important than ever to engage our communities in unique and creative ways to inspire the kind of engagement and actions that will ensure future resilience. We are excited to be showcasing various art pieces at the 3rd California Adaptation Forum!

“I believe art is a tool for communication. Now more than ever people need to connect to their environment, to be aware of it. And I think that artists and scientists working together is going to be the way to do that.”
– Audrey Carver, Affiliated Artist

The “Art of Change” is an ever-expanding traveling exhibition of climate art from our Affiliate Artists and local youth in our Climate Kids program, as well as collaborative pieces made at community events. Each piece strategically couples regionally relevant climate messages and actions with varying artistic modalities. To date, “Art of Change” has been showcased in venues throughout California.

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